IELTS score is essential to realize your dream of studying abroad. Different universities accept varied band scores for admissions, however, a band score above 6.5 is considered average and most of the universities accept a band score of 6.5 or 7 for admissions. We at O2 Masters provide you with the best IELTS study material to enable you to have a thorough knowledge of the exam.

Following tips combined with your study material will guide you through the test and help you score well:

Don’t Expect Too Much From Yourself

Set realistic goals for yourself. Don’t be harsh on yourself and do not expect too much. Research what band score in each subset means and set your goals accordingly. Keep in mind your strengths and weaknesses while setting a goal as it will help you achieve your goal easily.

Work Towards Your Goal Slowly, Steadily And Regularly

When working towards your goal, spare some time and practice every day. Focus on each subset of the test and not just your weak areas. Break your study schedule in such a way that you devote one hour to each subset. Read English newspaper and magazines to enhance your reading speed and accuracy. Speak in English whenever possible, this will improve your fluency and help you score well in the speaking subset. Listen to English podcasts, songs and news so that you are ready for the listening section of the test. Practice your paraphrasing skills and vocabulary to avoid any mistakes in the reading section.

Maximize Your Speed

The combined time limit to attempt reading, listening and writing sections is 2 hours 20 minutes. You can miss out some questions if you do not practice regularly and maximize your speed. Your speed is determined by your previous experience with the English language. You must sleep and eat well before the test to perform effectively and to maximize your personal speed.

Read The Instructions And Examples Carefully

Before you jump to the questions go through the instructions carefully. In your attempt to save your time you might skip the examples given in the questions but you are making a huge mistake by doing so. The purpose of the examples is to tell you how to answer the questions and to provide you information about the task. So to ensure that you do not lose your marks, always go through examples before you start attempting the questions.

Review Your Answer Sheet Before Submitting

Do not forget to review your answer sheet before you submit it. Check for any grammatical errors or wrong spellings. Submit your answer sheet after making corrections to avoid any negative marking in the exam.

Further,we provide ielts study material for you to brush up all the facts and give you an idea of the examination. The golden rule to clear your IELTS sample test with flying colors is to give the test takers what they are asking for. Twist and mold the information given to you according to the question asked. When test taker marks your answers he is looking for exactly what they have asked so answering in your limits will help you in achieving your goal easily.


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