To be eligible to settle abroad, non-native English speakers have to take an English language test. Several tests have been designed to serve this purpose, one such test is PTE. Once you have secured the required score, you can move forward with further paper formalities. Let’s have a look at what exactly is PTE and how can you pursue PTE exam preparation.

What is PTE?

PTE stands for the Pearson Test of English. Just like IELTS, it is also designed to evaluate the proficiency of non-native English speakers and their command over the English language. It is an online test which is generally accepted by universities in New Zealand, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, and Germany. Pearson Test of English includes three sections:
1) PTE Academic
2) PTE General
3) PTE Young Learners

PTE academic is designed for immigration purpose. Individuals seeking employment and education opportunities abroad sit for this test to be eligible for visa procedures.
PTE general test is not designed to reward positive achievement in the English language test. This test has 6 levels and is not designed for immigration purposes.
PTE young learners test is designed for children aged 6 to 13 years. The purpose of this test is only to evaluate the proficiency of children in the English language. The test is not designed for immigration purposes and has 4 levels.

Structure of the Test

PTE Academic, general, as well as young learners, tests an individual’s performance across three modules, namely, reading, listening, writing and speaking. However, we will discuss PTE academic in detail as it is the only test out of the three which is used for immigration purposes. PTE academic test is divided into 3 modules:

– Speaking and Writing

Speaking and writing in PTE academic is taken together. The time allotted is 77 to 93 minutes to attempt 40 questions. The questions on the reading portion include read aloud, repeat a sentence, describe an image, retell lecture and answer short questions. The writing portion requires you to summarize a written text and to write an essay.

– Reading

Reading section includes 18 questions that are to be attempted in 32 to 41 minutes. This module evaluates your performance with the help of MCQs, reordering paragraphs; fill in the blanks type of questions.

– Listening

The listening module allows you to attempt 20 questions in a period of 45 to 57 minutes. The questions in the listening module include summarize spoken text, MCQs, fill in the blanks, highlight correct summary, select missing words, highlight incorrect words and write from dictation.

Scoring and Results

The scoring in PTE is done on two parameters which include correct-incorrect responses and partial credit system.

– Correct-Incorrect Response

In this type of scoring system, one complete grade is awarded for one correct response otherwise no grade is awarded. Generally, multiple-choice questions are evaluated on this system.

– Partial Credit

Under this system, if a response is partially correct a partial grade is awarded. Generally, this system is used to evaluate the read-aloud type of questions.

PTE score evaluates your performance on a scale from Point 10 to Point 90, point 10 being the lowest and point 90 the highest with an increment of 1 point. The scores are presented in a graph.

The results are published online after 5 days of the test. The test taker can then apply for the university they wish to study in.

The fees to sit for PTE exam is INR 13,300 and the results are valid for 2 years. However, there is always a scope of improvement in PTE as you can take it as many times as you wish after a gap of 5 days after each attempt to keep practicing with PTE sample test papers.


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