A rich and vast vocabulary not only presents us as fluent speakers of a language but also aids us in communicating more articulately while also experiencing subtle beauties of the English language. In IELTS, your vocabulary is responsible for 25% marks in speaking as well as writing sections. Besides these, enriching vocabulary helps you understand the question asked in the reading and listening sections. Consistent practice besides taking IELTS sample tests will help you to widen your vocabulary and prepare you for the IELTS test.

Here are some ways to enhance your vocabulary for IELTS.

1) Engage In Reading

Reading English newspapers, magazines and novels can add to your vocabulary. Look for unfamiliar words and search for their meaning. Try to use these words in simple sentences to understand their contextual meaning. You can maintain a separate vocabulary notebook or you can go digital by storing these words and their meanings in your laptops, phones or tablets.

2) Learn Other Forms Of Words As Well

When you are writing new words in your notebook do not limit yourself to writing just one word. Learn other forms of those words as well. For instance, you learned the word ‘beautiful’ which is an adjective. Now just don’t stop here. Note other forms of beautiful such as beauty is the noun, beautifully is the adverb and so on. This will add more words to your vocabulary and help you gain a clear understanding of each word.

3) Learn New Meanings

Some words have multiple meanings in English. Whenever you come across a word you already know you can look for its alternate meanings. In this way, you are adding new words to your vocabulary.

Combine these easy tips with your IELTS study material to enhance your vocabulary which will not only help you get your desired band score in IELTS but will also come handy to you in becoming a fluent speaker in your everyday life.


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