Are you not scoring enough in OET Writing Sub-Test?

Keep reading, and this detailed blog will guide you on how to get an A on the OET Writing Sub-test.

OET(Occupational English test) Writing Sub-test is a 45 minutes test solely for health professionals aspiring to go abroad for Nursing and Medical Jobs.

In the exam of IELTS and PTE, a candidate needs to write an essay according to his/her thoughts. However, this is not in the case of OET, and the candidate does not write according to his/her ideas.

OET Test is divided into four sub-tests:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

In this article, We’ll learn how to score better in OET Writing Sub-Test.

Time Duration of OET- Writing Sub-test

Reading of the Task: 5 Minutes

Writing Time: 40 Minutes

Total Time: 45 Minutes

In the writing test of OET, a candidate is given a case with notes on the patient’s name, health history, economic condition(whether student without much funds), any health-related issues may also be mentioned.

The primary purpose is to verify the different structuralist abilities of candidates related to the healthcare field.

Candidate has to write to a doctor or the Director of a Hospital or to a community Health care center to take further care of the patient. 

In an OET writing exam, you need to write a letter of around 180-200 words regarding a patient. 

The OET writing exam can be difficult. 

However, the good news is with the following tips you can quickly improve your letter. 

  • Use your time effectively given for reading the task
  • First, read the writing task to whom you have to write the letter
  • Read what is the type of letter(Follow up, home visit, refer or transfer)
  • Underline the relevant notes you need to mention in your letter
  • Finally, start the task as per your writing task format.

The strategy we follow is: 

1. Understand the writing task

The following example explains that you need to write a letter to the Director.

Before you write, remember these 4 W’s

Whom am I writing to?

Whom am I writing about?

What has happened?

What type of letter is it?


Step 1: Read the writing task and check to whom the letter is to be written

Step 2: Check the type of letter( Transfer, referral, discharge)

Step 3: Read all points of discharge plan carefully

Step 4: Read the left case notes and underline the relevant points to be mentioned in the letter

Step 5: Start writing the task as per the writing format.

Step 6: try to complete the task 5 minutes prior and do proofreading.

Make sure the word limit doesn’t cross 180-200 words.

2. Understand the case notes


As we mentioned in the beginning, 

Reading of the Task: 5 Minutes

Writing Time: 40 Minutes

Total Time: 45 Minutes

In the first five minutes, you will not be allowed to start writing until the time is up.

Also, Case notes are not written in perfect sentences, can be challenging to understand.

Candidates need to understand these case notes and curate them into correct sentences.

Note: OET examiners often put irrelevant case notes to distract you but be sure not to include these in your letter.


You can find the title and type of letter as mentioned in the image above.


Please read all the points of the discharge plan given and use them accordingly.

Although there are no rules on how you should explain the information but try to transform them into sentences with good grammar and structure.

3. Know your abbreviations

The abbreviation means a shorter form of medical terms. For example,  ‘SOB’ instead of ‘shortness of breath’. OET writing Case notes may also use abbreviations.

Abbreviations like:

  • BP: Blood Pressure
  • OTC: Over the counter
  • r/v: review
  • ICU: intensive care unit
  • Cap: Capsule
  • FX: Fracture
  • Pt: Patience

4. Choose relevant information


The way you order your OET writing should be according to:

  1. Initial sentence
  2. The vital issue
  3. The secondary issue
  4. Any other details
  5. The request

The issue will most likely be medical, but it might be social. The secondary issue might be medical or social. Any other details may include medication or something else of relevance that did not fit into 1. and 2. 

Finally, end your letter with the request to the medical professional or whomever you’re writing to.

Here’s a summary of some essential OET Writing Tips to remember: 

1: Understand the task – 3 W’s 

2. Read some sample writing sub-test letters to see how they are curated.

3. Understand the Case Notes

4. Arrange your case notes into a clear structure 

  • Initial sentence
  • Vital Issue
  • Secondary issue
  • Any other details
  • The request

5.  Do not copy the case notes in your letter.

6. Make sure word count is between 180-200 words

Check out our Video on OET Writing 2.0 | Tips for Perfect A or B Grade:


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