Are you in pursuit of perfection in your spellings for PTE?

You should, after all, small spelling mistakes can cost you undesired results for any English language testing exam like – PTE.

Even if you were brought up in an English-speaking environment, it’s not necessary that you are incredibly accurate at spelling words correctly.

The vast no. of spellings and exceptions in the English language made it difficult to spell or even pronounce words correctly. There are a lot of complicated spellings, after all.

However, don’t be intimidated with the vast no. of spellings, as mere practice & little common sense can help you overcome these hurdles. So, before diving deep into the Tips and Techniques, let us understand what PTE is?

PTE Stands for Pearson Test of English Academic. It is a Computer-based academic English language test that focuses on four primary areas of non-native English speakers who want to study abroad. 

It primarily consists of 4 parts:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

and these are measured on a scale of 10-90 points.

The Test is conducted by Pearson’s PTE division every month on pre-decided dates. And all the tests are checked by A.I. powered programs, which delivers the result in 5-7 days after giving Test.

Here are some tips and rules that can prove extremely helpful in your pursuit of PTE spelling perfection.

Tip 1:

Not every sound in English have the same spelling

Sometimes you don’t spell the word the same precisely as the word sounds.

So, Beware of such words that sound different and spells different.

Tip 2: 

Beware of Homophones

First of all, What are homophones?

Homophones are the words that are pronounced the same, but they have different meaning and also may have different spellings.

For Example – buy, by, bye.

Tip 3: Break the words into parts or say words phonetically

Some English words do not sound as they are written. That means a single word can have different meanings when use in different phrases.

For Example: 

  • I like to read [ri:d].

Tip 4: Take spelling tests online

“Practice makes it perfect” English spelling perfection all depends on practice. The more you practice, the better you are.

Many websites are providing online spelling tests. Take those Test and practice as much as you can.

Some Free resources:

Tip 5: Make a log of 100 demon words

Always list and write those words which are difficult for you to spell and write.

For Example: which, been, country, ready, etc.

Find more misspelt words below:

Pay attention to Special Words

Special words are words like Compound Words, Root Words, Derived Words, Synonyms, Antonyms.

So note them, understand their logic & usage in phrases and for better results – try to use them as much as you can.

Pro Tip – Write as much as you can, as it’ll help you understand the logic of language at the subconscious level.

Tip 7: Be careful with your Punctuations

Use of Appropriate Punctuation marks such as Commas, Full Stops, Brackets used to break or separate the sentences.

For Example: Once upon a time, there lived a king with his queen in a jungle. They have their hut(small) with all the resources.

As promised here is a Bonus for you all :

Rules for Spelling plural noun

Rule 1: 

If you have to spell plural form of any noun then in most of the words add ‘s’ at the end of the root form without any other change (Boy – Boys)

Rule 2: 

To correctly spell the plural form of the words ending with ch, sh, x, z, and ss, usually add ‘es’ to the root form of the noun. For Example – (Box – Boxes)

Rule 3: 

For spelling words which are ending with the letter ‘y’ change the ‘y’ to ‘i’ and add ‘es’ in the end. For Example – (Party – Parties)

Rule 4: 

To spell the plural form of the words ending with f, change the ‘f’ to ‘v’ and add ‘es.’ For example – (calf – calves).

Rule 5: 

Some singular words have different words for their plural form. For Example – (man – men; mouse – mice; goose-geese)

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