PTE Speaking: Repeat sentence

PTE Stands for Pearson Test of English Academic. It is a computer-based academic English Language test which focuses on four primary areas of non-native English speakers who want to study abroad. PTE test consists of two exams: PTE General & PTE Academic. In the PTE Academic exam format, there are four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing. In the PTE General exam, two sections are further divided into six sections altogether. In this article, we’ll discuss PTE Speaking: Repeat sentence section. In this section, this task is merely not just about pronunciation, it’s about memory as well. PTE Speaking Repeat sentence contains over seven words. According to a survey, human’s short term memory can only retain about 7 words or even less than that at a time. This article will help you out on sharpening up both pronunciation skills & your memory power. Some examples of PTE Speaking: Repeat sentence:
 Number of questions10~12 questions
 ScoringContributes to the PTE Speaking and PTE Listening section scores
 Negative markingNo
 Time to answer3 seconds before the audio starts. Recording starts up 1 second after the audio ends. Test Takers have 15 seconds to complete your response.

Audio 1: Pearson Test of English is a computer-based academic test aimed at non-native English speakers to study abroad.

Audio 2: PTE Spelling Tips

Audio 3: Cracked OET Exam? Get Nurses Jobs in Australia, UK

Audio 4: IELTS online preparation- How to Prepare for IELTS online test from India/Home?Australia

Q. What is Repeat Sentence?

As it is clear, repeat sentences. Test takers will listen to a recording of a sentence, and they need to remember it. Once it changes to recording, you need to repeat the sentence. You will not be given any separate preparation time.

Q. Repeat Sentence- Test Attempt Time

15 seconds will be given to repeat the sentence.

Q. The number of questions in the Repeat Sentence:

Test Takers will be given 10 to 12 Questions of repeat sentence on the PTE Speaking and writing part.

Q. PTE Speaking Repeat sentence: Recording Length

The length of the sentence will be between 3 to 9 seconds.

Q. PTE Speaking Repeat sentence: Scoring

Scoring is based on three parameters: Content, Pronunciation, and Oral fluency. The maximum score you can get is 5 points each. The maximum score in Content: 3

Q. PTE Speaking Repeat Sentence: Master Tip

Main priority: Focus on Pronunciation. Here is a tip: If the Test taker speaks only 50% of the entire sentence, he/she gets ⅔ on the content parameter.

Q. How many words is a PTE Repeat Sentence:

It collects about 7 words or less. PTE repeat sentence test of PTE academic tests your memory capacity & fluency.

Q. How do you write a repeat sentence in PTE?

  1. Focus on the meaning/context of the audio. Then you will be able to repeat the sentence much more accurately.
  2. Don’t mimic the speaker.
  3. Remember visually. Try to see what you hear from the audio, try to make an image of the conversation
  4. Abbreviate the sentence.
  5. Brush up your vocabulary.
  6. Pronunciation is a must
  7. Get used to listening to English audio.
  8. Get a speaking partner.

Q. How can i pass PTE Speaking?

– PTE Speaking & Writing

Read Aloud Task. In this, the short text will appear on the screen in front of you. … Repeat Sentence Task. In the “Repeat sentence” task, you will see the audio recorder box again. Describe Image Task. … Re-Tell Lecture Task. … Answer Short Question Task. … Write Essay Task.

Q. What is Oral fluency in PTE?

PTE exam tests your three skills: Content, Oral Fluency, and Pronunciation. Oral fluency is flow, speed, and correct use of grammar in your sentences.

Q. How to Improve Your English Pronunciation:

Notice how your mouth and lips move. Pay attention to your tongue. Break words down into sounds. Add stress to sounds and words. Use pronunciation podcasts and videos. Record yourself. … Practice with a buddy. Listen to audiobooks/Podcast/ These are some of the few essential tips to increase the Repeat Sentence score. Consider Joining PTE Online Training:

PTE Online preparation: 

If you are planning to give the PTE Academic soon, consider joining OetMasters. Visit

Some tips for PTE Speaking: Repeat sentence

1. Don’t Process Each Word Individually

You’ll be able to hear the sentence only once, so start speaking as soon as the audio ends.

2. Games & Quizzes Exercises to Boost Memory

Train your memory power to retain as much information you can in a short period. This exercise will help you expand your memory capacity.

3. Listen to Audios and Podcasts in the English language

Listen to Podcasts/audiobooks from Spotify/google podcast etc. Sentences you hear, record your voice, and see how much information you retain after listening.

Find a speaking partner. 

This is the best way to get genuine feedback on how you are performing. Or Go to and watch one of the excellent “Ted Talks.” You can also download the transcript for the video & practice with them. Listen to how they are pronouncing words & compare it with your version.

4. Slow down your speaking speed for better Pronunciation

Pronunciation is a must for the PTE Repeat Sentence test. You won’t get through until unless your intonation is on point. Speaking fast results in poor pronunciation means low score.

Consider an Online PTE preparation course. 

O2 masters usually provide individual classes for both Academic and General Training. The main goal of O2 masters is to make a candidate enjoy learning and improve day by day. I hope we’ve answered all your queries, if any doubt, share it in the comment section below. About O2 Masters ensures no matter what your test OET, IELTS, or PTE, you achieve an optimal score. Receive guidance, personalized tips, and solutions. We help you boost your score through a combination of smart teaching and personalized teaching plans.
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