To be eligible to settle abroad, non-native English speakers have to take an English language test. Several tests have been designed to serve this purpose, one such test is PTE. Once you have secured the required score, you can move forward with further paper formalities.

What is PTE exam 

Pearson test of english Academics popularly know as PTE is an english communication assessment test especially designed for people who are non-native and wish to study abroad or wish to build career abroad.

Types of PTE Exam

There are two versions of PTE Exam – 1. General PTE Exam 2. Academic PTE Exam

General PTE Exam

General PTE exam – General version of PTE is formally known as the London test of English. The Pearson Test of English General (otherwise known as the PTE General exam) is an exam administered by Pearson Language Tests which is an intermediate to advanced English proficiency exam.  The PTE General is designed to meet the needs of non-native English speakers who need to demonstrate or certify their English-language proficiency. General PTE gives an English assessment solution for non-native candidates who wish to make their career in an English origin country.  PTE General offers six levels of exams 

Academic PTE Exam 

PTE Academic is an academic English language test, most popular computer based exam. PTE Academic Exam is for those students who want to study abroad in English-speaking countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia usually take the PTE Academic test. PTE Academic is endorsed by the Graduate Management Admission Council. Many Universities like London Business School (UK), Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Yale University in the United States accept the PTE score for admission in their university. Difference between PTE general & PTE Academic Lets now discuss the main point of differences between both versions of PTE. 

1. Duration of test

  • There is a difference in the duration of the time span taken to complete the exam. The Academic version of PTE  takes over a span of 3 hours, whereas PTE General takes a time span anywhere between 90 minutes to 3 hours. Which usually depends upon the level of the test.

2. Exam slots Availability

Both versions of the PTE exam are very different in various ways.
  • If you want to sit for a PTE Academic Exam, you can enroll for it anytime because it is conducted almost 360 days in a year. Whereas the general version of the PTE exam is conducted only three times in a year – i.e. May, June, and December.


  • There is also a validity difference between them both – PTE General Exam results remain valid forever. A certificate issued to a candidate for the General version of the PTE exam does not have any expiry date. Whereas, On the other hand, the Academic version of PTE remains valid for a period of 2 years from the date of the issue of the result.

4. Registration

  • The registration process for the exams are quite similar, the candidates can register themself through online platforms.
But he platforms for both are different – Candidates of General PTE exam have to register through online system – Edexcel. Candidates of Academic version of PTE have to register themselves through the official website of Pearson.

5. Acceptance for visa

  • Did you know Academic version of PTE is accepted to apply for a Visa in Australia. But only academic version is accepted not the general PTE exam.


  • The candidate have to choose very wisely between the two versions of PTE exam. Depending upon the need of the candidate and goal of the exam.
I am mentioning which version should be chosen for what aim if the candidate. Academic PTE Exam – Candidates who wish to take admission into a university/institution overseas where English is a native language. General PTE Exam – General version is only for Realistic english communication testing of skills.


  • The academic version of PTE consists of four subtest – Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening.
Whereas, PTE General Exam also consist of two segments but further these are divided into four, so there are total 6 segments altogether. It has primary only two segments – spoken test and written test. Then writing segment is further divided into 4 segments.

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