Linking words | Importance of Linking words in IELTS Speaking

Linking words or phrases are also known as Transition words. These words are the connector words that help to form a logical and the most effective relationship between ideas in a sentence. These linking words help the listener to understand the responses more clearly also helps the speaker to express more effectively. By now you might be thinking what these linking words have to do with IELTS. Linking words plays a very vital role in your IELTS scoring. They are important in both IELTS Speaking as well as IELTS Writing.


1. Why linking words are important in IELTS Speaking? 2. Types of Linking words in IELTS Speaking 3. Tips for using Linking words

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1. Why Linking words are Important? Why should we use them?

The right employment of linking words is the most important aspect of speaking in the IELTS exam. 
  1. Linking words or phrases helps the candidate by improving the structural quality of the sentence. 
  2. Linking words are very useful for making additions to the sentence. They are used to add more ideas to the continuation of the sentence.
  3. Linking words are best used for highlighting opinions and conclusions. 
  4. They add cohesion and coherence to the sentence.
  5. You can express purpose and opinions with the help of linking words and phrases.
  6. Linking words or connecting words are part of the marking criteria which makes up 25% of IELTS speaking.

Types of Linking words for IELTS Speaking

Types of linking words are different for IELTS Speaking and IELTS Writing. In this section, I am going to explain to you all the important types of Linking words used in IELTS Speaking. 1. Causes and Solutions
  • Because
  • The main reason is 
  • It was caused by 
  • The best way to solve is
2. For Stating a direct opinion Include your opinion in your sentence with the use of the following words –
  • In my opinion
  • From my point of view
  • As far as I’m concerned
  • I believe that
3. For expressing disagreement Disagreement is a very delicate expression. In order to combine a sense of disagreement into your sentence, you can use the following words – 
  • I strongly disagree that
  • I disagree with the opinion 
  • I contradict with
  • I disagree with this 
  • I totally disagree with the given statement
  • However, my opinion is different from
  • I oppose the statement of
  • I completely disagree with the opinion
  • It’s unjustifiable to say that
  • I disagree with the group of people who believe that
  • I disapprove that
  • On the contrary with
  • I do not accept the fact that
4. For expressing agreement If you want to present an expression of agreement then these words can be used as linking words in your sentence.
  • I quite agree that
  • We could not agree more
  • I am in agreement
  • Yes, I agree
  • I strongly agree that
  • Exactly
  • I am quite inclined to the opinion that
  • I agree with the opinion that
  • So do I
  • I accept that
  • I consent that
  • Neither do I
  • I approve the idea of
5. For Presenting time or sequence If you want to present a sequence of timings then use these linking words – 
  • Lastly
  • Firstly
  • Secondly
  • Thirdly
  • At the same time
  • Meanwhile
  • Then
  • Since
  • As soon as
  • After this
  • After that
  • When
  • Before
  • After
  • Afterward 
  • During
  • While
  • Following this
  • Simultaneously
6. For making conclusions For making any conclusions following linking words are used in IELTS Speaking.
  • All in all
  • Last/ Lastly
  • In the end
  • To sum up with
  • I conclude
  • In conclusion of 
  • To summarize
  • In summary
  • Summarizing it
  • I can end it by
  • I can conclude by
7. For Contrasting and Concession These linking words are used to contrast or compare or giving a concession
  • On the other hand 
  • But 
  • Or 
  • While 
  • Although
8. For being more Clear  For being a little more clear or to repeat in order to be clear, you can use these words 
  • As I was saying 
  • I mean to say that
  • What I want to say is 
  • As I was saying
  • What I mean to say is

Tips for using Linking words 

Here are some of the most important tips for using Linking words for IELTS Speaking. 1. Do Not Overuse  – Linking words or phrases are meant to be used naturally while giving IELTS Speaking test. You have to be sure not to use these words too often in your sentences.  2. Do not make it Formal  – The use of linking words should remain a little informal. Do not make the method of linking too formal as it is not too appropriate.

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