PTE Listening test is a sub-section of the PTE test. It takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete the task depending upon the modules and tasks given to you. In this Sub-Test of the PTE exam, you will be given a short recording to listen to each task. These recording can be 0relate to academic subjects such as social sciences, natural sciences, humanities and many more PTE Listening subtest is primarily based on audio or video recordings and as per the requirement, you have to respond accordingly to the set of questions given.


1. Skills Tested in PTE Listening 2. PTE Listening Test Modules 3. Major Fallback Reasons


There are a no. of skills that are being tested through the PTE Listening Test. It is important to understand the required skills for the listening sub-test. I have listed some of the common and most important skills which are being tested during the Test. 1. The skill to identify the errors in the transcription as well as to understand the purpose, tone, and attitude of the speaker. 2. The ability to conclude what the speaker wants to convey and also predicting how the speaker may continue. 3.The ability to understand academic vocabulary and follow the oral sequencing of the information. 4. The ability to comprehend Implicit and explicit as well as comprehend concrete and abstract information. 5. The ability to identify the support points, topics, examples and then summarising concluding the main idea and inferring the purpose, tone, and idea. 

PTE Listening Test Modules

In PTE Listening Test, the candidate is required to understand an audio or a video recording of a presentation, dialogue or lecture from any academic source. The ability of the candidate is scored on the following five factors –
  1. Spelling 
  2. Vocabulary 
  3. Form 
  4. Content 
  5. Grammar
Based on these 5 factors there are different types of modules and questions included in the test. pte listening test modules 1. Summarize the Spoken Text TASK – In this module, the candidate has to listen to audio and have to write down its summary in approx. 50 to 70 words. OF QUESTIONS – 2-3 Questions  SKILL ASSESSED – Listening and writing  2. Multiple Choice / Choose Multiple Answers TASK – Task given in this question is the candidate is given questions in which he has to choose multiple answers after listening to the audio clip.  OF QUESTIONS – 2-3 questions SKILL ASSESSED – Listening 3. Fill in the Blanks TASK – The candidate has to fill in the blanks in the transcription of audio given to them which is already written on the screen. OF QUESTIONS – 2-3 Questions SKILL ASSESSED – Listening and Writing  4. Highlight Correct Summary TASK – The Candidate has to select the paragraph that perfectly summarizes the matter in the audio.  OF QUESTIONS – 2 to 3 Questions SKILL ASSESSED – Listening and Reading 5. Multiple Choice / Choose Single Answer TASK –  The candidate has to select a single answer out of multiple choices after listening to the audio.  OF QUESTIONS – 2 to 3 questions  SKILL ASSESSED – Listening  6. Select Missing Word  TASK – An audio recording will be played with some missing words in it and the candidate have to select the missing part from the options provided.  NO. OF QUESTIONS – 2 to 3 Questions SKILL ASSESSED – Listening 7. Highlight Incorrect words TASK – The candidate has to highlight words that are not correct in the audio given to the candidate OF QUESTIONS – 2 to 3 Questions SKILL ASSESSED – Listening 8. Write from Dictation. TASK – Candidate has to listen carefully to the sentence spoken and write it in the box verbatim. OF QUESTIONS – 3 to 4 Questions SKILL ASSESSED – Listening and writing  pte tasks for listening explained


Many students fall into the trap and find this listening subtest the most difficult one. I have listed some of the major reasons for the fallback –  1. Leaving the answer blank – There is nothing like negative marking, you will not get any marks deducted for a wrong answer.  Even if you don’t know the answer, just write anything but make not to attempt each and every question. 2. Most students fail to plan their time – As you know time management is the most important factor in any kind of exam. In PTE Listening test, the first thing you should do is to check how much time you got and allocate how much time you should spend on each question. 3. Candidate don’t read questions properly –  Most of the candidates often repeat this mistake. They do not pay full attention to the question does lead to a misreading of the question. Always pay 100% of your attention while reading the questions. 4. Unable to understand the Accents –  One of the major fallback factors is that in PTE Listening the candidate fails to understand the varieties of accents.

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