I found that the majority of students often complain about how hard the PTE Writing test is to them. They see PTE Writing test as one of the most difficult sections in PTE. First of all, don’t be scared of this part of the exam. It is certainly possible to achieve a good score and pass the test with flying colors.  In this blog, I will be explaining everything in detail everything you need to know about the PTE writing test to achieve your desire. 


There are some specific skill sets that act as the guidelines while assessing the PTE Writing Test. The following are the 5 Major key skills taken into account.
  1. Good Vocabulary 
  • You need to keep your writing interesting and also engaging. To keep your writing in that way you need to keep a varied range of vocabulary. Also, Repetition is the major fallback for many students, so keep a wider knowledge of vocabulary and avoid repetition.
  1. Spelling Accuracy
  • Spelling accuracy is also an important aspect that is taken into account while assessment. You have to be careful with the words which have similar spellings.
  1. Word limit 
  • It refers to the number of words in which you have to complete the task. The word limit is for a reason, do not underwrite or even overwrite the word limit. In PTE Academic essay writing there is a word limit of 200 – 300 words.
  1. Grammar 
  • You need to have a good command over grammar to produce good quality writing. We can not go through all areas of grammar that will be assessed but the common area of development is the use of articles and tenses.
  1. Content 
  • Content is the king. Most of the candidates make a good start but gradually loses the track. Ensure that you keep referring to the main question and stay on the topic.

Quick Checklist for PTE Writing

I have provided you a checklist of tricks that all you need to score well. 1. Capitalization Check  The rule of capitalization can be quite confusing and is also very easy to miss out on. The most common mistakes occur with national adjectives and the names of languages. Usually the name of the person or place that has to be capitalized.  Also, make sure you haven’t capitalized on the common nouns by mistake. 2. Word Limit Check You have to ensure that you follow the word limit rule. Word limit is always for a reason. You do not have to exceed the word limit also do not underwrite the essay.  3. Punctuation Check If you want to score well in PTE Writing then you must not overlook the punctuation mistakes. But it is not right to say that you should fully ignore it. It takes only a few seconds to cross-check if the punctuation is correct.  4. Voice Check  You should check that your use of voice is consistent whether it be first person, second person or third person. You need to make sure that the voice you used must be consistent within the phrasing.  5. Engaging Vocabulary Check  PTE Writing is only not about summarising but summarising in an engaging way. In a rush to complete the writing task, the candidates usually forgot to add some engaging words which help your writing outstand the crowd. Remember to change a few words which can give your writing an upgrade. 


TASK –  Write an essay on the given topic in about 200-300 words 
PROMPT LENGTH –  200 – 300 words
TIME –  20 Mins 

1. Language Diversification

Diversify your essay with different wow words and synonyms. Replace those words which you feel have been used too often. Do not repeat ods too often. 

2. Give Structures to your Ideas

Do not start writing immediately. I am sure you do not want to end up rewriting the parts of the essay. You should collect your ideas in one place and start making a structure first. Only then start writing around that structure. For this, you should use a tried and tested structure. 

3. Identify the type of Essay

You need to identify what does the question really wants from you. Recognizing the wants will ensure you put in the right kind of information and don’t end up messing it by including irrelevant information.

4. Write Full sentences

Most of the candidates use a note form of writing. You should avoid note form and always write full sentences to avoid misinterpretation. 

5. Remain in your Word limit

You should take the word limit very seriously. Word limit is there for a reason, do not try to exceed the word limit. Also do not underwrite the essay. Make sure you do not write less than 200 words and not more than 300 words. 


TASK Write a summary after reading a text in about 5-75 words. 
SKILL ASSESSED Reading and Writing
PROMPT LENGTH 5-75 words
TIME 10 Mins 

 1. Use Connectors

Connectors are the word that helps to form a logical and the most effective relationship between Ideas in a sentence. Connectors help in avoiding the excessive use of commas. You can also read a full detailed blog on how to use Connectors and Linking Words. 

2. Remain in your Word limit

You should take the word limit very seriously. Word limit is there for a reason, do not try to exceed the word limit. Also do not underwrite the task.  Make sure you do not write less than 5 words and not more than 75 words. 

3. Remember to write only 1 sentence

Summary writing task is all about summarizing in only 1 sentence that too within 5 to 75 words. Remember that using 2 full stops makes it 2 different sentences. Do not exceed the no of sentences more than 1. 

4. Write the summary in the third person.

The use of “I” and “WE” are not allowed in the PTE Writing test. Remember that a good summary is always in the third person voice. Also, be very careful with grammatical mistakes. 


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