PTE Exam Common Mistakes TO Avoid | Mistakes & Tips

Do you want to pass PTE Exams? While preparing for PTE Exams it is important to understand the PTE Exam common mistakes that people usually make. Learning from other people’s mistakes is the best strategy to go further faster.

PTE is Multi-level test which includes Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking lie OET & IELTS. So if you want to score well in PTE Exam it would be good to understand common mistakes students make in PTE Academic Exams & their Solutions.

Also, read the exam instructions and tips that will have you prepare for PTE Academic Exams. So let’s read a full guide on PTE Common mistakes & Their Solution

1. PTE Exam Common Mistake In Speaking 

Speaking is the first part of PTE Exams in which you have to Do Personal Introduction, Read aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image & Answer a short question. Speaking is important for the exam because it will affect your writing, reading & listening. 

Common Mistakes of Speaking in PTE Exams & their solution

  1. Don’t stop for more than 3 seconds because, if you don the microphone Phone will be closed & also don’t speak too fast. So avoid taking pauses and speaking fast. Also, don’t forget to take a little pause after comma and dot. 
  2. Don’t use words like and so too often because of its showing that you have a lack of speaking skills. 
  3. Use Proper of noun and also pay attention to singular & Plural. These are basic grammar mistakes, So prepare well for avoiding these mistakes.
  4. If you made a mistake don’t repeat your mistakes continue speaks Because if you repeat your mistakes it will affect your Score.
  5. Don’t read the punctuation marks because it will show you have poor English speaking skills and will affect your score.  
  6. Don’t speak before the microphone opens because if you start it will go wrong & wait for the status showing completed.
  7. Don’t speak slow & Fast. Speak at normal speed so people can easily understand what are you speaking

So these are the PTE Exam common mistakes in Speaking.

2. PTE Exam Common Mistake in Writing

The next section after speaking is writing in which you have to summarize written text and written text. When you submit speaking test written text will appear. So let’s understand the common mistakes in  PTE Writing

  1. Do not write less or more than words limit given in the Exams.
  2. Using informal language is bad so avoid it and also don’t use incorrect phrases and quotes.
  3. Misuse of Vocubalary So use appropriate vocabulary and don’t forget to use Punctuation.
  4. Don’t make too many spelling mistakes because spelling mistakes had a bad impact on your PTE Score. So prepare well for PTE Exam to avoid spelling mistakes.
  5. Write clear points and examples to score good marks.

So these are common mistakes and guidelines related to PTE Exam Common mistake

3. Reading Mistakes

The next section of the PTE Academic Exam is Reading in which you have to fill multiple choice of questions and recorder paragraph. The reading part is very Important to PTE Academic Exams because it has a good weight in the overall score.

  1. Choose the right answers of Multiple Choice questions, because multiple choice question has negative marking.
  2. Don’t make spelling mistakes it will have a bad impact on your score.
  3. Don’t leave the answers blank it will worst than writing the wrong answer. 
  4. Use of Illelocial Words in Fill in the blanks has a wrong impact on your PTE Academic score so don’t use Illogocial words. 
  5. Don’t read the full passage for each question of passage because it will consume a lot of time and you have to limited time to attempt the exam.
  6. Students try to understand the meaning of every word even they are not familiar with the words. So don’t make these mistakes don’t try to understand the meaning of every word you aren’t familiar with. 

So these are the common mistakes and tips related to Reading in PTE Exam Academic.

So these are the common mistakes and guidelines related to PET Exam Common Mistake in Reading.

4. Listening Mistakes 

The last section of the PTE Academic Exam is Listening in which short video clips will be played automatically and you have to listen to these video clips. Remember these video clips will only be played for once or you can increase the volume of video by your own comfort. So in the listening part, you have to listen to video very carefully because if you don’t listen carefully you missed that what is being communicated and listening part will make a good impact on your PTE Exam score. 

So these are the common mistakes of Listening in PTE Exam Academic.

  1. Listen Carefully to everything because one clip is only played once and keep the volume of your clip is comfortable for you.
  2. Keep in word limit and also check the time remaining.
  3. Lossing the concentrate is a very common problem among the student when giving the PTE Exams So try to practise to concentrate on things. 
  4. Don’t try to listen to the words you missed because if try to do you will also miss the upcoming clip and also not be able to attempt further. So if you missed voice focus on upcoming don’t try to listen to them because you’re not able to play the audio.
  5. Don’t try to concentrate on every word if you’re not good at listening. Only try to focus on the main points to understand better.

So these are the common mistakes related to PTE Exam Common Mistake in Listening 

The best thing you can do to avoid your mistakes is that when you prepare for the PTE Exam try to find out the common mistakes that you’re making again and again after analyzing the mistakes try to find the causes of making mistakes.   Learn how you can rectify the mistakes and what skills you required to avoid the mistakes practice and again to avoid mistakes. So these are the common mistakes and tips to avoid PTE Exam  Common Mistake. We hope you find it informative and if you have still any doubts don’t hesitate to comment below.

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