IELTS Writing Tips | 12 Tips for IELTS Writing Task 2

Are you searching for effective ways to score high in the IELTS writing task 2? In this article, I will tell you the top 12 Tips for IELTS Writing Task 2.

IELTS Exam is the most common and popular language exam around the world to check English. More than 140 countries accept the IELTS Exam to check English competency to provide study and work visas to other countries migrants.

The test is structured in a way to test every aspect of language. The Exam contains writing, speaking, reading and listening tests. Most test-takers consider the IELTS writing test as their toughest hurdle to clear the exam.

The purpose of this article on IELTS writing tips is to give you the best writing skills. The writing section holds a good part of the exam to test the vocabulary, grammar, spelling and check one’s opinion.

However, the IELTS writing test is not as easy as most people think of it and require a certain level of language proficiency and commitment.

These are the best IELTS writing tips and tricks to score high in IELTS writing task 2 exam.

What’s in it for me?

#1 Read Question carefully
#2 Read instructions carefully
#3 Essay writing structure
#4 Use correct vocabulary
#5 Do not Write too much
#6 Keep an Eye on the Time
#7 Grammatically Correct Sentences
#8 Keep it Formal
#9 Write Clearly
#10 Capitalization Check
#11 Punctuation Check
#12 Use Connectors


IELTS Writing Tip – #1 Read Question carefully

Reading questions properly is the first and most important IELTS writing test tips and tricks. Reading questions properly is the first and the most common mistake many students make in the exam hall in a hurry to save time.

Reading the question properly and understanding what the questioner has asked will help you to write clearly and to the point answer to that question. If you don’t understand the question and write irrelevant answers or don’t write exactly what the question has asked you, you will get a bad score in the IELTS writing test.

#2 Read instructions carefully

To better understand the pattern and how to solve the question, you will need to read the instruction section properly before attempting the IELTS writing test.

This will tell you where and how you need to write each answer and what you need to do.

IELTS Writing Tip – #3 Essay writing structure

Essay writing is a key question in the writing test and here we will give you our next IELTS essay writing tips. By writing a good essay you can increase your chance to pass the writing test with a high score.

Many people make mistakes in the essay writing section and write a full page essay without any proper structure and formation. Presenting a writing wall will only not decrease your chance to read it by checker but can get you a really low mark.

To avoid such problems we recommend you follow the proper structure to IELTS essay writing by including different sections in it. By adding an introduction, body, and conclusion not only help you to organize the essay but also save you and checker’s time.

#4 Use correct vocabulary

Next IELTS writing tips is, Using correct vocabulary is very important while writing the exam. By using correct and proper vocabulary helps you to gain a good impression of the examiner.

Avoid using incorrect or unwanted words and try not to use the same word multiple times in a paragraph which in return may decrease your grade.

#5 Do not Write too much

Writing quality rather than quantity is always better! As the examiner is not going to give you extra marks on how much you have written in the paper but the quality of your answer will help you to gain good marks.

As many of the test takers know that they should finish writing task 1 in a minimum of 150 words and writing task 2 in 250 words. Hence you are advised to practice writing tests at home by keeping the word limit in mind.

#6 Keep an Eye on the Time

Time management is one of the most important things to consider in the IELTS Writing Test Tips and tricks. It is essential in the writing test to keep an eye on the time otherwise you won’t finish the whole section in time.

Don’t spend too long on any question, try to solve it as fast as possible and if you don’t know the answer just leave it.
At last, while you check the answers try to answer the questions you left.

Planning a good preparation will help you to solve the exam on time. To know more you can check our blog on how to prepare for IELTS at Home.

IELTS Writing Tip – #7 Grammatically Correct Sentences

The most considerable thing in the IELTS writing tips is to construct grammatically correct sentences in which many students make mistakes. It is essential in the IELTS writing test to write grammatically correct sentences. It can make a huge difference.

By drafting grammatically correct sentences it not only helps you to score high but to make a good impression on an examiner that would think that you are more educated.

#8 Keep it Formal

While writing the answers ensure that the style you write is formal and is free from any kind of slang words in it.
Try to write whole words avoid using Don’t, Won’t She’s, etc. By being formal it reflects the seriousness in the answer.

Experts also suggest that by adopting formal writing in the IELTS writing test you can increase your chances to score high. Writing an academic essay is completely different from writing a letter to a friend. Therefore, the usage of the right form of language is required in the IELTS writing test tips to score high.

#9 Write Clearly

 Always keep in mind that your answers are readable and appealing to the checker. Because the grader might give you a low score if they didn’t understand what you wrote.

The IELTS writing task Tips has never been so simple to achieve. It is an art of drafting words and presenting them in a good way. The understanding of the essay depends on its formation and how clearly it is written.

It is advised to crop the length of paragraphs in small sections to make it easier for the checker to go through.

#10 Capitalization Check 

The rule of capitalization can be quite confusing and is also very easy to miss out on. The most common mistakes occur with national adjectives and the names of languages.

Usually the name of the person or place that has to be capitalized. Also, make sure you haven’t capitalized on the common nouns by mistake.

#11 Punctuation Check

If you want to score well in the IELTS writing test then you must not overlook the punctuation mistakes. But it is not right to say that you should fully ignore it.

It takes only a few seconds to cross-check if the punctuation is correct. This is one of a few IELTS writing test tips that can save you from scoring low.

#12 Use Connectors

Connectors are the word that helps to form a logical and the most effective relationship between Ideas in a sentence. Connectors help in avoiding the excessive use of commas.

You can also read a full detailed blog on how to use Connectors and Linking Words.



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