OET or Occupational English Test is a language proficiency test for health professionals. It assesses their listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. It is beneficial for the people who wish to settle and practice in an English-speaking country. OET involves preparing for special health-specific terms. It also assesses their medical proficiency. The healthcare professionals giving the exam must be able to write health-related letters such as referral letters, discharge letters, and transfer letters. However, the main problem they confront is how to qualify for the exam. Here are some tips to prepare for the OET exam in 2020.

Practice daily

‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is an old saying. You can only ensure success in the OET exam when you practice daily. Many colleges across the world, consider the OET score for admission. Thus, going through the text every day is very important.

If you are working and do not have enough time to practice all sub-tests every day, then you can practice OET writing and speaking regularly. Reading and Listening sub-test can be practiced on alternative days to get the desired grade or score.

Maintain continuity

Continuity is very significant for the preparation of any examination. Studying in the same spot every day is crucial. It develops in the habit of studying daily. You must maintain your continuity while preparing for any examination.

Using a timer is very critical while practicing for OET exam as OET Reading has time specific sections.

Do mock tests

Before giving any examination, you must solve the mock tests. You must answer these papers to obtain an impression of the test. Also, solving mock tests gives you confidence and prevents you from panic while giving the exam.

It is very important to get correct feedback for OET writing because it involves selection of valid points from the provided case notes and the correct sentence formations in the letter.

Set targets for yourself

The biggest competition while preparing for OET is to get work done from you. You have to adapt yourself to study. You need to set a target for yourself and be able to crack it to achieve success. It determines your weaknesses and enables you to face the challenges during the exam properly. You must set targets according to your preparation level. If you have covered less syllabus, then you must set small goals.

OET exam dates are almost full every time, therefore, it is strongly suggested to set your target first and then book your OET exam accordingly.

Focus on your goal

While preparing for the exam, you may feel demotivated for some time. When you face such a situation, you must always think of your goal. Your vision should be clear and permanent. You must always focus on your goals and try hard to achieve it.

Read questions first

Before starting with the examination, you must read the questions first. It aids you to furnish an idea of the passage. After that, you can skim through the passage quickly. It helps you discover prompt solutions to all the questions. It also makes it easy for the examinee to hunt the clues and respond correctly. It saves your time even as you can then read the paragraph that is related to the questions and not the entire passage.

Keep pace with the time limit.

Maintaining the time limit is essential while giving OET examination. You must keep the correct pace with the time limit while attempting reading, writing, or listening test because it maintains your speed and precision in the examination. It helps you to understand the passage effectively. It is necessary while writing letters and solving comprehensions.

Search for keywords

Another essential aspect of the Occupational English Test is to look for the keywords in the comprehension passage. It gives you an impression of the text. You can utilize these keywords while explaining the questions of the section.

If you do not get the exact keyword, then look for its synonyms in the passage.

Keep your stuff ready.

You need to keep all the stuff set before the beginning of the test. You must not rely on a single item to be served to you in the exam. It is absurd when you move amid the exam to collect your stuff. It conserves your time and labor while giving the examination. It also helps you concentrate on the test and maintain constant flow while writing the answers.

Modify your writing structure

You must plan and shape your writing structure. You must read the questions and then resolve what to write in the writing part. Also, you must grasp what to write at the origin and close of the letter. You must seize your time to invent well before attempting a discharge letter, referral letter, or any other problem.

It is very important to follow the correct pattern for OET writing. Be careful with tenses in the writing module.

The Occupational English Test is especially beneficial for all the people who wish to settle abroad and practice there. These tips will help you while attempting the listening, reading, or writing examination. It forms a vital segment of your qualification if you want to practice in countries such as New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Australia, Dubai, Ireland, and Ukraine. It also helps in getting a visa and fetch immigration deals. It is the best option for healthcare professionals to settle abroad. It brings foreign wealth to our nation. It also leads to brain drain. However, it promises healthcare professionals a safe and secure career.  All the very best!! Hope the above tips sail you through the OET, and you come out with flying colors.

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