The moment you began preparing for the IELTS exams in Punjab, there would be several myths and rumors that you might come across. IELTS is the most talked-about exam in Punjab as it allows them to locate outside India in their favorite countries. But why Punjab has the highest rate of IELTS rumors?

Punjab is a popular state for the majority of youth migration to overseas for job or study purposes. They have a common complaint of incompatible schooling as a significant reason for lesser IELTS bands, but they also fail to concentrate on polishing the essential grammar skills. If you are also from Punjab and falling prey to such IELTS myths, this write-up might give you a clarity of thoughts.

8 common myths on IELTS in Punjab

  1. Every country has a different IELTS test- It is a standardized examination that follows a standard set of rules and grading patterns worldwide. Although few institutes accept the 6.5 or 7 bands while few others do not approve anything below bands. But the examination pattern and the test syllabus more or less remains the same. IELTS comprises two versions, namely IELTS General Training and IELTS Academics. There is no other alteration or modification to this. You need expert IELTS and work harder to secure good grades in IELTS exams.
  2. I can prepare without the guidance of IELTS preparation courses- This can be partially true only if you are a super scholar or a pro speaker in English. But the Punjab students usually cannot achieve that level of proficiency without any expert assistance as English is not their first language. Even if you try your best and give IELTS test without any coaching, you can barely manage to get 6.5 or even bands, which is not acceptable by most higher education institutes.
  3. I can only appear once for this test- It is an absolute rumor in Punjab as there is no limit to the number of times you can give these exams. You can appear multiple times as long as you do not get the dream IELTS score. But the only problem in appearing, again and again, is that you need to pay the fee multiple times. As a result, it is better to invest in a good IELTS coaching institute online, seek professional guidance, and then look clear the IELTS test with 8+ bands in one shoot.
  4. Dream IELTS score is achievable only after clearing multiple practice tests- The application of correct learning strategies and patterns can grant you a high score for the IELTS test. You must undergo an in-depth study of the factors that affect the test scores and how you can gain excellence with minimal efforts.
    IELTS is the parameter only to find out your English proficiency and not the knowledge about the test.
  5. Speaking a western accent is vital to clear the speaking test- Speaking is an integral part of IELTS preparation as it is crucial to test English fluency. But many students of Punjab mistakenly consider Accent as a vital parameter instead of fluency. It is essential to understand that IELTS speech needs clear speech and not American or British Accent.Instead, they must concentrate on speaking naturally so that the examiner should figure out the right knowledge you possess.
  6. Speaking is the primary marking criteria in the IELTS test- It is an absolute myth and has no relevance to the real facts. Speaking, listening, writing, and reading all pertain to equal importance about IELTS preparation and exams. Average marks in all these components help you get the specific band or score. Hence, Punjab students must focus equally on all of them to secure 8 bands in the IELTS test.
  7. Focus on quality and not speed- Every section for the IELTS test has a specific time limit. You need to clear the test within the stipulated limit to become eligible for a decent band score. Answering all the questions is very important to achieve a good score, and speed is essential. Students in Punjab need to maintain quality and the speed that comes after repetitive practice and professional guidance.
  8. The score is vital to pass the IELTS test- IELTS is not a pass or fail the test but a much above that. It calculates the proficiency level of your English and depends solely on how efficiently you answer all questions. It is not a degree that you can avail after passing out the exam. It is a test that you can give numerous times until you achieve the best scores you desire.

Final words

Like many other Punjab students, if you also wish to fly overseas to land at your dreams in Canada, Australia, or any other country, start with IELTS training today. is a platform that would support you to locate in foreign countries for your bright future. Gaining a few months of IELTS coaching is the best way to save this confusion and follow the right techniques, patterns, and methodologies to avail the best scores.

Gaining 9 band scores is a dream for English lovers in Punjab or those who want to seek education or career abroad. All IELTS modules are 9 bands each, and the overall IELTS score is the average of all. With a breakthrough to all these rumors, you can certainly achieve a paramount success that you have always desired!

Refer to the videos below to gain tips and tricks to pass IELTS by

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