The IELTS test is an individual oral test. Essentially, the format of the oral exam of one of them tends to assess the same thing: the structures and vocabulary we use to communicate, the communicative interaction (between candidates and with the examiner), pronunciation, and speech processing.

As part of our service, and in this particular case, in exams that have a Speaking component, our best website for IELTS preparation tries to minimize the tension of the candidates, by promoting a more friendly and jovial environment. And it’s there while waiting for their moment to spend the 10 or 12 or 14 minutes of their oral exam, where I like to talk with them and listen to whatever comes to their mind a few minutes before the exam.

In this article, we talk about some myths or rumours about IELTS in Punjab that you believe or still believe to be true

1. I don’t need IELTS coaching –

You can prepare for IELTS at the Best IELTS institute in Punjab. But it is good to go for IELTS coaching, as there are some things that you may not be able to figure out on your own, especially the question patterns. You need to make sure that you know all of the IELTS question templates.

2. I should find an IELTS test center in my city –

None of the testing centers in any city are biased, so wherever you are for the test you will not get any special attention or favor. Centers are keen to treat every candidate the same, so don’t think that you should look for a testing center only in your city.

3. IELTS is difficult and more difficult than other English exams –

This is a misconception. IELTS is not difficult and there is no concept of a pass or fail in IELTS. Your group score is determined on a scale of 9 and this practice has been followed for many years.

4. I should entertain the examiner –

Certainly not! You are there only to take your exam and not to entertain anyone. Likewise, the examiner is at the testing center to do their job, not to watch Comedy Central! Be modest and focus on your test.

5. I have to focus on my accent and my vocabulary –

Why would you do that? Do you want the examiner to understand nothing? Speaking coherently is more important than speaking with an accent or flowery words.

6. I should not express my opinions –

So you run into a doubt, start chewing your pen and then slowly swallow the doubt because you are too nervous to ask questions – is that you?! Better to get rid of this behavior and be an individualistic person. If you do not clarify your doubts with the examiner, you could answer some questions incorrectly and lose points.

7. I should continue to practice only IELTS sample questions –

Practicing the IELTS mock test materials will help – no doubt about it – but it is not enough. Remember to do well at IELTS, you have to read English newspapers, good English newspapers, watch English series or movies, write in English every day, etc. Self-study is important in addition to what you learn from an IELTS test center.

8. I should go over my word limit –

You need to focus on the quality of your writing, not the quantity. Writing page after page may not impress the reviewer much; instead, you need to focus on what you write and how you write it.

9. Speech is the most important module –

All four modules are also important in an IELTS test because in the end, the average score counts. There are institutions abroad that insist not only on the average mark but also on the mark of each module. You should therefore devote the same time to each module when writing an IELTS test.

10. I can easily cheat during the test –

wikiHow can teach you how to cheat on a test, but how far will you go in life with this attitude?

Each IELTS test center follows certain guidelines, such as taking photos and biometrics to ensure that the same person who signed up shows up for the test. In addition, supervisors are assigned to each center to maintain decorum and security.

Identity checks are carried out during each test and once you have completed your test your test materials will be checked against your registration and seat details before you leave the center.

None of the testing centers is aware of any form of malpractice. In cases where a student is caught cheating, this information is passed on to the university where he/she applied as well as to the visa processing office.

11. I shouldn’t worry about what time I am writing the test –

Not only is the quality of writing mentioned in point 6 important, but also the time you spent writing an IELTS. Make sure you complete all four modules on time, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be hooked on your watch all the time. Time yourself by practicing at home to develop your skills.

12. Some IELTS test centers do not award high bands to certain candidates –

You may think that the examiners at some IELTS test centers are generous and elsewhere more strict towards people of different nationalities. Well, that’s another rumor going around. As I said in point 3, none of the exam centers are biased as they are only doing their job that day and have no intention of favoring or being rude to anyone, either for whatever reason

The IELTS is a high-level exam, and the British Council and IDP test centers will never allow any malpractice during the test. It is up to you to decide what you write on the basis of which you are assessed by the examiner.

That’s all! You must have heard all of the above 12 rumours related to IELTS Punjab before, probably a few more that I haven’t mentioned here in this article. Now all you can do is keep your mind clear of these myths and rumors to focus on preparing with online coaching IELTS.

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