The Test of Professional English (OET) is an international English test that assesses the language communication skills of healthcare professionals seeking to enroll and practice in an English-speaking environment.

Tested monthly, the OET online coaching in India covers all four language skills (writing, reading, listening, and speaking) with an emphasis on communication in a healthcare environment.

The tests reflect actual workplace tasks and relevant language skills and have been developed specifically for up to 12 different health professions: dentistry, dietetics, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, podiatry, radiography, speech therapy and veterinary sciences.


You can preview your latest test results through your online profile on the OET website, approximately 16 working days after each test day. Official copies of the results statements can be downloaded from your online profile. You can choose the test administration for which you want to download a result report and it will list the scores you have achieved in that particular test administration.

The four subtests that make up the Online OET preparation in Indiaare reported on a scale from 0 to 500 in ten point increments (e.g. 350, 360, 370, etc.). The numerical score will be mapped to a separate letter score for each subtest ranging from A (highest) to E (lowest).

There is no overall score for the OET. Most recognition boards and boards require applicants to achieve at least 350 marks in each of the four subtests. But to make sure you’re up to date with the requirements, always check with the relevant boards and councils that regulate your profession. You can redo any subtest, however, you must check the English proficiency requirements with the relevant regulatory authority.

OET Listening Section

Lasting 45 minutes, the listening subtest includes a total of 42 questions divided into 3 parts. Candidates would each hear the recorded speech once and be expected to answer questions while they were at it. The total duration of the review would include treatment of topics of general health care interest in all health professions.

Part A (consultation extracts)

For the first task, healthcare professionals would be required to identify specific information during a consultation. Applicants would be required to complete the HCPs notes by listening to the two recorded HCPs-patient consultations.

Part B (short extracts from the workplace)

For the second task, candidates would be required to listen to multiple recorded excerpts which could range from team briefings, handoffs, to healthcare professional-patient dialogues, and answer a multiple choice question for each excerpt. In the second part, the candidate is tested on identifying details of short extracts from the health workplace.

Part C (presentation extracts)

The third and final task of the Listening section would require applicants to listen to multiple recorded presentations or interviews on a range of accessible health topics and answer multiple choice questions for each excerpt.

OET Reading Section

Lasting 60 minutes, the Reading section is made up of 42 questions, divided into 3 parts. Applicants would be required to answer the question of generic healthcare-related topics.

Part A (quick reading)

For the first task, candidates will be required to read four short essays and find specific information from the texts. Essays provided to applicants would focus on general health topics. The questions can vary from the correspondence between the following questions, the completion of the sentence, and the short answer questions.

Part B (careful reading)

For the second task, applicants would be given several short texts related to general health topics and applicants would be required to identify major points and answer multiple choice questions. Essays can include topics ranging from policy guidelines, hospital guides, manuals, emails, memos to internal communication.

Part C (careful reading)

For the third and final task, relating to the reading section, candidates would be required to identify the detailed meaning of the topic provided to them and answer multiple questions on the same topic.

Writing Section

Lasting 45 minutes, the Writing section requires the candidate to write a letter, usually a letter of reference in their area of ​​specialty. The candidate would receive the case notes which will comprise the patient’s condition, investigation, and plans. This test will ask you to write a letter to another medical professional in an efficient format.

This particular task is unique to the profession, therefore, while a nurse would have to write a letter specific to nursing, a dentist would be required to write a letter of reference specific to dentistry.

OET Paper Format

Oral Section

Totaling 20 minutes, candidates are required to individually perform their professional role in real-life scenarios in a professional healthcare environment. Exercise in Online OET preparation in Indiaspecific to the profession, candidates are required to play their profession while the panelist plays.

Candidates have 3 minutes to prepare on each side before the start of each act. The role plays are essentially based on simulated work situations which reflect the mood of the health sector. Candidates would receive enough basic information to prepare for their role-play sessions.

Example of an OET oral role-play scenario

* Please note, this role play is specific to nurses *

Candidate = You

Role Player = Your interlocutor

Below you can find the OET practice 2008.

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