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The start of the O2 Masters is a long and exciting story. To cut it short, the secret behind its growth and unique teachings is our founder Mrs Nikita Chopra. Being just a young woman with dreams and thoughts of welfare, she managed to learn and expertise in IELTS. The journey began for just providing IELTS coaching as a source of income. But who knew that considerable interest in teaching IELTS  candidates and helping them to make their IELTS tips and strategies created such an enthusiasm that later when the students gave the best of IELTS results and requested her to teach more and more IELTS students, she could not say no.? And today, O2 Masters is amongst the best ielts online coaching in India.  We are proud to be one of the best websites for ielts preparation. She even managed to learn and practice OET. But here is a twist. The innovation is ONLINE IELTS and ONLINE OET classes.

Why Online?

The answer is that students waste a lot of time travelling or spend their precious money more in offline institutions, so it was essential to making a platform to learn more and save more with individual classes only. IELTS and OET mark-ups similar learning; however, their intensities differ. O2 Masters is now a successful IELTS and OET provider with their happy candidates and best results. Occupational English Test is designed for the healthcare professional who is linked to the founder’s profession as well. The struggle behind it was worth by starting to teach only one student and now listed hundreds of IELTS and OET candidates. The principal aim of our founder was to help students dream of studying abroad and fulfilling all their desires for themselves and their families. Even the students who pass IELTS and OET from O2 Masters are in good contact with us and keep recommending their known ones to score the best IELTS and best OET results to go abroad. From India to Australia, the journey was challenging, and now our company has a team. The team is the pillar and family for
implementing the best IELTS and OET preparation. The beautiful trainers and expertise manage to plan the performance chart and improvement analyses report for every IELTS or OET candidate to help them achieve their desired bands or score.

Our Promises?

We guarantee that you will enjoy your IELTS or OET course because we are the only expertise to provide the best IELTS individual classes and feedback worldwide. We not only stress on learning and practising but also help you to improve fast in IELTS and OET. We include grammar classes and individual speaking expert sessions for free in your IELTS coaching and OET coaching classes. This is done to provide the primary technique for this English proficient exam. Generally, almost every candidate is scared to sit for IELTS or OET exam. However, one thing that our team and experts ensure is that, of course, you need to practice but with the absolute correct guidance. O2 MASTERS is special for every candidate who takes online IELTS or online OET coaching with us, but more than them, we consider them a particular part of our family. We visualize and understand their dream to study abroad and turn their intuitions to reality by providing the best online coaching for IELTS and OET.


Personalised Coaching

Get one-on-one attention. Every person has their own pace of learning, strengths & weaknesses. O2 Masters ensures no matter what your test OET, IELTS or PTE you achieve an optimal score. Receive guidance, personalised tips and solutions. We help you boost your score through a combination of smart teaching and personalised teaching plans.

Accelerated Learning

Customise your study session by choosing to learn what you really require. Based on your strengths & weaknesses, we ensure that you get the guidance that you need. We have multiple plan options each catering to your needs. These plans further provide you with opportunity to personalise your teaching course and the ability to leave what you don’t need.

Flexible Payment Options

We ensure like your courses your payment is also tailored to your needs. We have introduced flexible payment options, why should your dreams have a constrains?
No matter what your course OETIELTS or PTE we have your back.

Happy Candidates

“Thank you so much, mam. There was a regular discussion of all modules along with grammar lessons once in a week. It was an amazing experience. Thanks again.”

Soma, Australia

1-hour class is enough for discussions every day. It is so qualitative. Also, everyday letter and essay discussions and vocab words are so much useful. Thank you so much mam.”
Hashini, Australia

Truly a dedicated teacher who helped me in achieving the desired results in just 10 days… Really a wonderful experience!!

Dr. Harish, London

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