Here are convenient writing task 1 tips to score high in your IELTS exam. On this page, you will get the best IELTS information so that you can perform well. We will also talk about IELTS vocabulary, marking criteria, paragraphing, and others. You will get all relevant information from this page related to General Writing Task 1.

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Tips- IELTS Letter Writing

In Writing task 1 – General, IELTS candidates have to write a letter or explain the situation given. The time allotted for this part is 20 minutes and the candidate has to write 150 to 170 words, not more than that.

Let’s take an example:

You have to visit your friend in Australia but due to an important event at home, you have to change the dates of the visit.

Write a letter to your friend and include:

  • Apologize for not showing up.
  • Explain the reason why you are not going.
  • Suggest a new arrangement.

So, you have to spend about 20 minutes completing this task.

Best Information for IELTS Writing

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Tips for writing IELTS letter:

  • Spend at least 20 minutes in writing the letter. Make sure to plan first and then start writing. Always keep 2-3 minutes spare to check grammar and spelling errors. For writing task 2, you need 40 minutes so do not spend more than 20 minutes writing the letter. Managing the time is prime responsibility while doing the paper.
  • Your letter should not be more than 150 words. If you write 300 words letter than it is just a waste of time. But, yes you may stretch it to 160 words.
  • A 33% weightage is given to the letter of the writing score.
  • It is not just to write an address on a letter.
  • It is important to pay close attention to the sender or receiver name as it will have a direct impact on the style of writing and tone.
  • Your purpose should be clear.
  • To structure the letter, use three points and include the information as a foundation.
  • Do not forget to include all the given points in your letter. If you do not add all points than it can also lower down your band score.
  • Use imagination to write the letter and deciding the names.
  • Start the letter with the eye-catching opening line and conclude it appropriately. Your story should be clear and understandablypes of Letter
  1. There are three types of a letter- formal, personal, and semi-formal. Your letter should be in a different tone of language. You have to make your beginning and conclusion of every letter unique. When you are studying in the best IELTS institute in Punjab then they will address all the questions that have probable chances to pop-up in your exam. Before writing, you have to decide which type of letter you have to write by identifying the letter given.

  2. Aim of Letter And Letter Openings

    The IELTS letter will include different content that will have a direct impact on the style of the letter. We are going to provide a general content list of letters.

    • Making arrangements
    • Complaints
    • Request
    • Apology
    • Invitations
    • Explanations
    • Resignation or application
    • Newsletter/informative

    Now talking about the letter openings, Begin your letter with an impressive opening line that will explain the aim of writing the letter. Your opening statement will be based entirely on the type of letter whether it is formal, personal, semi-formal, or informal.

  3. Signing Off

    Your conclusion will be written according to the aim and style of the letter. Also, mention the name at the end.

    • Dear John = See you soon
    • Dear Sir = Yours Sincerely
    • Dear Dave = Yours Faithfully
  4. Formal and Informal: Grammar And Vocabulary

    Formal and informal letters have a different style of writing and language. The informal letters will include contractions but in formal letters these contractions are unacceptable. And, while writing a personal letter, be cautious while using the academic language. If written inappropriately than it will reduce the score rather than increasing it. So, it is important to write according to the style. The tip here is to add a different range of sentence structures to get a high score.

  5. Punctuation and Spelling

    The examiner will cautiously check the use of spelling and punctuation in your letter. If there are too many mistakes then you won’t be able to score a band score over 6.

  6. Paragraphs and Structure

    Your letter should be well organized. Sort your letter in a paragraph so that it looks appealing. The score will be given based on your ability on how effective you can do paragraphing. Below mentioned is the common letter structure for writing IELTS writing task 1 and include three basic points that you must include while writing a letter.

    Structure of ILETS letter:

    • Title
    • Opening Line
    • Body Paragraph A, B, C
    • Concluding Lines.
    • Signing Off.
    • Name

Plan Your Letter

Spend at least 3 minutes to plan the letter. Think about all the points and details to cover, style and tone of the letter, and using the paragraph. So, make your every second count. Your online IELTS coaching classes will give you an in-detail lecture so that you can plan the letter well.

To prepare a well-planned letter, follow these points:

  • Read the instructions mentioned.
  • Examine the style of the letter.
  • Go through the points that you have to include in the letter.
  • Think about how many paragraphs you have to add.
  • Plan which detail to add.
  • Cautiously use the language both vocabulary and grammar according to the type of letter.
  • Decide the signing off lines.
  • Think over the content to add in paragraphs.
  • Start writing.

IELTS General Training Letter

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  2. How to Improve your IELTS GT Letter.
  3. Difference between Academic Writing and GT.
  4. How to Think Ideas for IELTS GT Letters?
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  6. Best Tips for IELTS GT Letters?


  1. For suppose, you are working in a company and want a day off from work. You have to ask this from a manager. Write a letter to the manager, inform him about:

    • Reason for a day off
    • Tell him about how you will cover up the work

    Write at least 150 words letters.

  2. You are studying in Sweden as an international student and have an account in a local bank. Due to some error, your monthly payment is blocked from the side of your parent’s bank. Write a letter to your bank and give details regarding:

    • Tell them about all the mess and ask for a loan
    • Give them a reason for the need for a loan
    • Tell them how and when will you pay back the loan

    Write at least 150 words letter to convey your message.

  3. You have recently done online shopping and end up buying a telephone having an answering machine. According to the web page, you will receive the list of the messages so that you can decide which one to play first. But when the order is delivered, you only the recent calls come up in your contact list. You have to write an email to the store manager to inform them about:

    • Tell him how you are and explain the problem
    • Ask them what action they will take.

    There is no need to write an address. Write a letter in not more than 150 words.

  4. You are working in an organization that is busy yet disorganized and you want to get promoted. The employer is looking out for the supervisor to manage the organization.

    Write a letter to the employer and tell him:

    • Why you are a perfect fit for the job
    • Tell him about your qualities and how it is compatible with the position of supervisor
    • Explain to him the changes that you will make if get promoted

    Write a letter in at least 150 words.

  5. You are a part of a music band and to practice, you meet in a community hall every Monday and Wednesday. But, you got the message that your group can’t use the hall for the practice from now onwards.

    Write a letter to the manager explaining:

    • Tell the manager why you need the community hall
    • Explain how important is the hall and explain your practice will be stopped
    • You can suggest them to allot alternative day or time for practice

    Write a letter in 150 words.


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