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“Thank you so much, mam. There was a regular discussion of all modules along with grammar lessons once in a week. It was an amazing experience. Thanks again.”

Soma, Australia

1-hour class is enough for discussions every day. It is so qualitative. Also, everyday letter and essay discussions and vocab words are so much useful. Thank you so much mam.”
Hashini, Australia

Truly a dedicated teacher who helped me in achieving the desired results in just 10 days… Really a wonderful experience!!

Dr. Harish, London

I tried a lot of time to clear IELTS academic exam, but it was very difficult for me, but I just took a demo from Nikita mam and felt a big difference in the way of her teaching. She actually understood my weaknesses and worked firstly on them. Even she agreed to teach me extra time before my exam. Thank you, mam.”
Pavit Kaur, India

“You are really amazing. Always tried to understand my level and motivates me to the maximum level. Your language is simple and easily understandable. Always give positive feedback so that I improved a lot. Explains everything until I understand. Thanks a lot Nikita mam for all the help that you did for me.”
Ambli, Maldives

I would highly recommend O2Masters. They follow structural strategies which is helpful and important. All the lessons are to the point and easy to follow and understand.  Dedicated trainers who work together in achieving success.  keypoints- Smart learning, one to one attention and easy tricks to master IELTS and OET
Sonali Dhamija

It was pleasure to learn from them. I must say,it’s their efforts and hard work to achieve my success. Once again thank you so much Mam.
Monica Sharma

Thank you so much mam for sharing your knowledge with me and for all the hard work you did to make me achieve my goals.
Anureet Kaur

“Writing for IELTS general exam was truly a big challenge for me. I struggled a lot but of course Nikita mam and other staff helped me from basics to advanced and finally I could get my desired score. Thanks for understanding and cooperating always.”
Divya, India


Format of OET exam 2021

Format of OET exam 2021

Tested monthly, the OET online coaching in India covers all four language skills (writing, reading, listening, and speaking) with an emphasis on communication in a healthcare environment.

Rumours About IELTS in Punjab

Rumours About IELTS in Punjab

The IELTS test is an individual oral test. Essentially, the format of the oral exam of one of them tends to assess the same thing: the structures and vocabulary we use to communicate, the communicative interaction (between candidates and with the examiner), pronunciation and speech processing.As part of our service, and in this particular case, in exams that have a Speaking component, we try to minimize the tension of the candidates, by promoting a more friendly and jovial environment. And it’s there while waiting for their moment to spend the 10 or 12 or 14 minutes of their oral exam, where I like to talk with them and listen to whatever comes to their mind a few minutes before the exam.

How to get 7+ each in IELTS 2021

How to get 7+ each in IELTS 2021

And the long-awaited moment arrived when you enter your passwords on the British Council website and get the score you needed: the long-awaited band 7. In our case, we got it the first time, although we lacked strategy so much in Writing as in Speaking. We thought that the better the level of English, the better the result (as something obvious) but in this exam, this is not true at all.

Learn OET Speaking Step By Step in 2021

Learn OET Speaking Step By Step in 2021

When preparing for the OET exam, you need to practice often to get ready for the speaking test. There are many different ways to do it, including finding a tutor online or joining some local class. However, you can practice at your home in your free time as well in many different ways.


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